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Automatically determines
your potential profit and actual probability of profit!

Provides access to the world’s most advanced options database at the touch of a button . . . with no data maintenance needed!

Includes option strategies, analysis and decision tools to rival and even surpass other software costing thousands.

Includes the most advanced ODDS principles — real-world probability and valuation for pinpoint accuracy.

Accessible from anywhere . . . works on any computer, including mobile devices

Once you get started, less than $1 a day gives you the opportunity to join the list of happy ODDS traders — including some who never before traded options . . .

  • Roger traded in his old Toyota for a brand new Lexus . . . and bought a new house.
  • Bill, Bert and their two families are supported off their trading profits and said, “We consider Don money in the bank.”
  • Earl gets excited when he talks about ODDS Online. No wonder. He used it to make over $175,000 in profits.
  • Bob in upstate New York used ODDS to make $378,625 . . . including over $210,000 in 12 months.
  • Bob’s friend Vince made over $100,000 and is “doing fine”.
  • Arthur made $69,000 and tells us, “That was pretty neat.”
  • Joanna used ODDS Online to generate enough cash to pay for her children’s education.
  • David trades in his IRA to make an extra $12,000 a month.
  • Clem tells us he has used ODDS to average between $1,000 and $2,000 per week.

“Of the 31 trades that I did between last July when I started and this past February all of them but one were successful, in other words I made money on all of those trades which of course made me very pleased.
“I didn’t quite realize that one could win 95% of them and this was just very good.”

— Peter M., Illinois

It has been highly accurate. I’ve lost one so far, out of 22 or 23."
“This is the way to control a lot more stock, for a very limited amount of money. So it allows you to start off with a smaller amount of money and still get very good returns, dollar wise.
“With the software doing it for you, it’s very convenient.
“I really highly recommend it.”

— Brian T., Indiana

“I finished the year with 40 wins and 2 losses using only Don’s high probability strategy. I ended the year with $27,600 and averaged $2,300 per month. Life is good!
“My worst year, I had 29 wins and 4 losses, and that comes out to 86.2% winning trades. My best year was last year, 28 wins, 1 loss, 95.6%. The years in between I never got less than 92% wins, so it’s just been wonderful.”

— Bob M., Florida

Here’s how you could join Peter,

Brian, Bob, and countless others . . .

Dear Friend,

Every single minute of every day there is a huge opportunity to profit . . . where your odds of winning are 90% or higher. The problem is, there are over 1 million options available for trading. So finding those high probability winners . . . uncovering the golden nuggets from all the worthless trades . . . is almost impossible without the right tools. This is the promise of ODDS Online. Now anyone can quickly and easily reveal today’s best option trades in 20 seconds or less.

Stunning Accuracy

A few years ago, I used the same probability tools found in ODDS Online to identify trades that won a massive 98.3% winners. And in a simulated test of a very simple “two trades-a-week” rule, the method piled up profits of $1,344.000 in just three years.

Those reported profits were so compelling, that an impartial third party sought to verify the results, but double the time period analyzed. The independent researchers found 707 wins out of 732 trades . . . an astonishing 95.2% win rate.

Armed with the results from the two tests, they did what any reasonable person would do . . . They traded it with real money!

And in actual reported results, they earned $378,625 the next three years.

But it’s not just us. And it’s not just researchers. Real people, just like you, are reaping the rewards of ODDS Online.

Keep scrolling down to see, one trader after another will tell you how . . . with a click of a button . . . ODDS Online eliminates every obstacle to trading success you can name . . . making it possible for anyone, including you — to become a high-end options trader, just like these fine people:

It’s just an incredible, incredible software program . . . it’ll spit out the absolute best trades for whatever strategy you prefer . . . Having repeated winners over & over & over is my kind of trading!

Bill A., Texas

“It’s so accurate, ever since 2000 I’ve been able to trade for a living. Basically, it’s like having a cash faucet you can turn on any time by just placing another trade.”

— Paul D., Electronics Engineer

“I just need simple things, not overloaded, so with ODDS, I’ve doubled my money. It’s really simple.”

— Steven D., New York

High Profit, High Probability

ODDS Online Does Both

Easy As 1-2-3!

If you’re like Steven who wants simple things without getting overloaded . . . If you want to find winning options trades without doing painstaking mathematical calculations or exhaustive searches, ODDS Online is for you.

ODDS Online spoon-feeds trades ideally suited for individual investors . . . quick and easy . . . without giving the underlying mechanics so much as a passing thought.

ODDS Online makes it easy, doing the work for you. In just a few clicks, ODDS Online will scan the market for opportunity, help you select the right strategy, and then zero in on the best option trade.

And it does all of this in less than 20 seconds. 

Fear, doubt and second-guessing will be replaced by the confidence of knowing every profit opportunity has a rock-solid probability of winning, verified performance over a 15-year time frame, and a powerful winning advantage that is found only in ODDS Online. 

And for those who might have some lingering concerns, “Can I really do it?”, rest assured . . . I have put together the most comprehensive support system in place because I am committed to your success.

The Secret of Success For Millionaire Professional

Traders and Multi-Billion-Dollar Investment Houses . . .

Made Affordable and Push-Button Easy

If you think the best way to trade is waiting to catch the next big move . . . I have some exciting news for you: this latest upgrade to ODDS Online can help you win in all markets: bull markets, bear markets, firm markets, fragile markets . . . it doesn’t matter!

This incredibly powerful

tool helps you:

Pinpoint the best opportunities for huge high profit gains.
[See what Jon told us here]

Spot trades where the odds of winning are overwhelmingly in your favor.
[See how Sid went from skeptic to believer here]

Boost your monthly income into the thousands of dollars.
[See Steven M.’s trading statements here]

Heck, it might even change your life.
[See the New Jersey scientist here]

Sound unbelievable? I admit these are bold promises . . . but I intend to prove them all. By the end of this short letter, you will know beyond the shadow of doubt that this amazing tool is the key to trading success for any trader at any level.

Those big options trading houses you hear about generate billions of dollars in profits every year . . . have built enormous reputations . . . and have become successful beyond their wildest dreams . . . all by following one single trading principle: mispricing.

It’s the same idea that powers the profits of insurance companies and casinos . . . as well as multi-billion dollar state lotteries.

Today, that same concept is available for you. And all you need is your finger.

That’s because we’ve taken professional-grade analysis and made it push-button easy.

Now Anyone Can Trade

Like A Pro Every Day

We designed ODDS Online around the trader, not the information. That is, we designed the software to think like a trader. We take hundreds of billions of data points in our options database [that’s right, it’s really that big] and turn it into actionable trade ideas.

Suddenly, you can spot trades in an instant instead of poring through charts and tables in an endless search for the “holy grail”.

Imagine how much easier your experience will be compared to other software that simply provides you with limited information.

“It’s just a whole new and different way of trading for me. In six months, I’ve made $175,000.

“I use Don Fishback’s ODDS Online to locate and find my trades.

“It has been nothing short of fantastic. I get real excited talking about it. I’m really very happy that I discovered this.

“Before I had this, I was just kind of hit or miss — trying to find out if the stock was going to go up or down — do I buy a call or buy a put.

“But with these strategies: I know where I should be entering a trade . . . I know how much I’m going to make when I exit a trade . . . everything is clearly spelled out for me from ODDS Online.”

— Earl H., Retiree in Nantucket, Massachusetts

Earl is “thrilled”. How about you? Let ODDS Online show you how easy it is to get excited about a whole new way of trading.

Speaking of information, before this latest upgrade [all users get feature upgrades for free!] analysis comparable to what you get with ODDS Online was found only on professional platforms like the one Bloomberg offers for $2,000 per month or Refinitiv for $1,800 per month.

That’s because the data is massive and expensive, and the computing power required is extraordinary.

And believe me, those professional platforms do not make it easy to find profit opportunities the way ODDS Online does.

Yet you can get ODDS Online total package . . . where you’ll get professional-grade analysis made push-button-simple . . . all for less than $1 per day.

Now You Can Use The

“Trading Strategies Of The Stars”

To Build Your Own Personal Wealth

Until now, only billion-dollar investment houses like JPMorgan, Citadel, Goldman Sachs . . . plus a select group of million dollar traders — had access to the kind of information found in ODDS Online. They spent millions of dollars on their software and hired huge staffs to manage hundreds of billions of bits of data. But why?

They spent all that money because they knew the huge advantage they’d get would crush the competition.

Now, for the first time ever, you can enjoy that same advantage — at a fraction of the price — with ODDS Online.

“Having repeated winners over and over and over is my kind of trading."

“As a self-employed consultant, I need to fund my own retirement. So, back in the late 1990s I got busy trying to learn about investing. That’s when I found Don and I’ve been with him ever since. He and his team are just the best.

ODDS Online is just an incredible, incredible software program. It’s like having an insurance actuary in a box.

“Compounding my cash payouts, I’ve built up my portfolio to the point where I’ll never have to worry about having enough money when I retire.”

— Bill A., Risk Management Consultant in Grande Prairie, Texas

Like Bill says, if you compound the proceeds from high-probability credit spreads you can potentially grow your nest egg in record time.

And with ODDS Online it’s super simple to do.

ODDS Creates Success

Ordinary men and women, people just like you, have found ODDS to be an important key to a successful, happy and free lifestyle.

A Maryland Veterinarian used her profits from ODDS Online to pay for college and private school.

A New York Corporate Manager got downsized out of a job but made more money using ODDS than his previous job paid.

A Florida Retiree won on 92% of his trades and told us when you win that often, it’s “very gratifying.”

A New Jersey Scientist made half his salary using ODDS and said it “changed my life.”

A retired Marine and his wife from Mississippi said, “We’re making money and we feel secure.”

For these fine men and women, ODDS has helped create success. It’s no wonder that people like Bruce tell us. . .

"ODDS strategies have more than given me peace of mind. It’s given me a better quality of life. I’ve had only one losing trade. The rest have been winners. Woo-hoo!”

Bruce S., Michigan

$8,000 in my first 8 weeks . . . I think my search for the ‘Holy Grail’ is finally over!

“So far I have 11 closed trades for after commission profit of $5,500 in 7 weeks. I have 7 more open trades expiring Friday for another $2,600 potential. All are doing well. That’s $8000 in my first 8 weeks!

“I think my search for the ‘Holy Grail’ is finally over!”

— Steve M., Software Consultant in Charleston, SC

Could ODDS Be Your “Holy Grail”?

Those crazy rich pros have a special secret that gives them an advantage each and every trading day — for most, it is their key to making millions while other traders make nothing.

But with ODDS Online, small traders are proving it can work for anyone.

They know — as you will once you put ODDS to work in your trading — that these “secrets” give traders a powerful, almost insurmountable edge.

Some even call it the “Holy Grail”. Which is no surprise considering that . . .

You will know the true probability of winning before you invest a dime.

You will know, in advance, exactly how big the advantage is for all your trades, so you can stay focused on trades that give you a professional-level edge.

ODDS Online will even tell you what trades to avoid! Think what a difference that could make.

You see, ODDS Online puts the power of true probability and the most accurate option valuation — combined with the power of simplicity that is unmatched in the industry — right on your computer or mobile device. But ease of use and analytical power are nothing if they don’t help you become a more profitable trader. That’s why we put the system to the test.

Breakthrough Results From

The Most Comprehensive Test Ever

I’m sure you’ve seen test results before.
But you’ve never seen anything that comes close to this!

Has this ever happened to you? Some guru touts test results based on a cherry-picked sample of data. The guru tests countless systems over and over, changing a number here, changing a technical indicator there. Then they advertise a result that’s nothing more than an over-optimized, curve-fitted piece of junk that works some of the time, but fails miserably the moment you decide to hop on board.

But not ODDS Online.

A few years back, I developed a method for valuing options that is so accurate, it’s almost scary.

In a comprehensive 15-year test that analyzed the performance of more than 184,000 call options and 184,000 put options . . . that’s nearly 370,000 option trades . . . ODDS Online’s value accurately predicted the future prices of hundreds of thousands of options within 99.6%! Think about that. ODDS Online was off by only 0.0004.

No wonder Bill said, “Don is money in the bank.”

Armed with that information, ODDS Online was able to identify which options were priced too low, and which ones were priced too high. And then we tracked their performance.

In was a monumental task. But again, we didn’t want to cherry-pick. We wanted the entire picture over a huge time span that included several different market conditions: the Housing Bubble, the Financial Crisis, and the biggest bull market in generations.

It didn’t matter if the
market went up or down.

In the end, Fishback Option value — which is found exclusively in ODDS Online — accurately identified those options that were poised to do the best, and those that would do the worst. And it did it accurately every single year for 15 years in a row.

Best of all, ODDS never made a market direction trade during the entire 15-year period. It’s that kind of accuracy that has allowed people like these ODDS Online users to quit their days jobs to trade for a living:

“I’m a full-time trader.

ODDS has paid off tremendously. In the past I’ve made a lot of money, but you end up giving a lot back. ODDS satisfies my hunger for profit, and my aversion to risk. It works out really well. I wish I’d found Don Fishback a lot sooner.

I make steady money, and I have a family of four, beautiful home, and we’re doing okay. And I’m doing nothing but trading . . . and mostly Don Fishback ODDS!"

— Whitney P., Kentucky

“I’ve known Don since 2002, and I’m very pleased with the results. To just make it simple, I’m living off what I make using Don’s methods and software.”

— Bert V., Florida

“I trade for a living. I use ODDS Online all the time. It just makes everything so very easy. Once a night, I pick out the trades for the next day, and implement them.

"Everything is very easy to understand. It’s very cut and dry. So it takes the guesswork out of what you need to do. It’s very sure.

“Don Fishback is certainly one of the most reputable people in the business.”

— Jon T., New Jersey

“We consider Don money in the bank, and that is absolutely not an exaggeration.

“Two families are supported off of our trading profits. And to say that we are more than pleased would be an understatement.

“I think too the best thing about it is the predictability of it. You have to know the percentages that he advertises are absolutely real. That's important when you're relying on it for your income.

A person would be a fool not to use it. The methodologies are easy to follow.

“Thank you Don!”

— Bill M., Florida

And while accuracy is wonderful, it’s equally important to note how simple it is to operate. You never need to download a program or any historical data, and you never ever have to connect to a quote system. All the calculations are done by the software behind the scenes. And they’re all based on a simple idea that gives anyone that uses ODDS Online a proven edge.

“I don’t care whether the market goes up or down. I’m set either way. That gives me peace of mind and I’ve been consistently profitable every year.

“I’m pretty conservative. But I get good results so it’s worth it. And it really doesn’t take very long. I spend about a half-hour to an hour once a week.

“Then I forget about it because I don’t care whether the market goes up or down. I’m set either way. That gives me peace of mind and I’ve been consistently profitable every year.”

— Juan Carlos H., Accountant in Oak Harbor, Washington

The way Juan Carlos diversifies strategies can be a smart thing to do. I do it. And after you read this, maybe you will too.

Real Money Win Rate of These Real ODDS Customers

Peter M., Illinois: "Of the 31 trades that I did, between last July when I started and this past February, all of them but one were successful. In other words, I made money on all of those trades which, of course, made me very pleased."

Walter L., Florida: "Up until today, I've run 26 trades. 24 of them have been profitable which is a 92% score. It's been fun and financially gratifying."

William M., Tennessee: "Because I was unfamiliar with the system, I would place small trades with just a few contracts. But since then I think I've had 17 trades with 100% success, no losers. I'm thrilled to death."

Brian T., Indiana: "It has been highly accurate. I've lost one so far, out of 22 or 23."

Gordon G., Colorado: "The past 12 months I've made 32 trades and been in the money on 30 of them."

Bob M., Florida: "I finished the year with 40 wins and 2 losses using only Don's high probability strategy. My worst year, I had 29 wins and 4 losses, and that comes out to 86.2% winning trades. My best year was last year, 28 wins, 1 loss, 95.6%. The years in between I never get less than 91% wins, so it's just been wonderful."

"I’ve been making money consistently. I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve been averaging $5,000 - $8,000 a month.

"I like his method, his style, and the fact that it seems to work for the small investor like me . . . especially if you’re making money."

— Mike D., South Carolina

With Real ODDS, You’ll Have a
Casino-Like Advantage

Based on how many programs have adopted my probability tools, it’s clear that everyone now realizes that probability is a critical factor when it comes to options trading success.

The problem with most trading analysis programs, however, is that they give you probability information based on unrealistic assumptions.

That is, they use a one-size-fits-all method that makes no distinction between Facebook, Johnson and Johnson and US Steel.

Now ask yourself, does that make any sense?

Of course it doesn’t.

"I get deluged with ads for systems making outrageous claims. So when I saw yours indicating that it was over 90% accurate, I was extremely skeptical - a first. It was so straightforward, I decided to put it to the test. Wow, did it pass! For seven straight months every trade I found was a winner, including the March trade that made money in a market that ruined thousands of other options traders."

— Sid H., Dallas, Texas

But here’s the key . . .

If ODDS Online is giving you accurate information, while your competition continues to rely on nonsense, you’ve got an advantage.

It’s a lot like counting cards at the Blackjack table, only it’s legal.

In fact, where counting cards gets speculators banned from casinos, with ODDS Online, it’s as if . . .

You are the casino . . . while everyone else is the gambler.

Finally, you’ll have the upper hand, and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without such an overwhelming advantage.

ODDS Online puts this entire super-computing analytical power right at your fingertips. Just point and click. Complex key strokes have been eliminated.

We’ve made ODDS Online so easy to use, you’ll never have to attend a class just to learn how to use the program. But if you ever do need help, we are there to assist you with unmatched support that doesn’t cost a penny extra.

Now it’s time to end your search for the "Holy Grail"!

"Since the first of September to this point, I’ve had one failure and a lot of successes.
"I have probably realized something between $28,000 - $30,000 profit."

— Dale B., Kansas

ODDS Online Works In All Markets

Whether it’s Bull or Bear, Firm or Fragile, or Even Do-Nothing, Standstill. ODDS Online finds trades that work in all types of markets. 

We’ve built in push-button search and scan tools that can spot profit opportunities in 11 different options strategies that are right for all sorts of different market conditions.

Each strategy is screened to make sure that risk is strictly limited.

We’ve even gone the extra step to build in pro-trader intelligence to spot situations where conditions are unfavorable. We’re not just focused on making you money. We’re here to help you keep what you win!

We do that because, quite frankly, it’s easier for us to build our own supercomputer [that’s right, we’re not just software engineers, we build our own custom super computers] than teach a million options traders.


$5,000 worth
of stock

(equivalent value
to the stock)

JetBlue Ariways



Whiting Petroleum









Cisco Systems



Old Dominion Freight






United Rentals



Skyworks Solutions









Johnson Controls Int'l








Notice that the options trades made over $100,000 while the stocks made only $445.63. And the options made money even when the stocks went down. But it gets better! The options positions also made money when the stocks went up. You didn't need to know market direction to make this kind of money.

Powerful Scans Made Perfectly Easy

Virtually any options strategy is now automatic and easy. It’s easy to ask ODDS Online to find the best options trade for a stock you have in mind.

But if you don’t know where to even begin, you’ll love the most exclusive feature of ODDS Online . . . the ability to use my proprietary scanning tools for yourself.

ODDS Online makes it push-button easy to scan the entire stock and options markets — that’s thousands of stocks and over 1 million options — using methods developed by hedge fund masters and academic geniuses.

Instantly scan for stocks ready to explode, then find the perfect options trade in just a few seconds.

This is exactly what we do in our High Profit trading that rakes in big winners like this . . .

Notice how we aren’t worried what direction the stock takes.

You have an edge.

To win in options, you need accurate odds for every stock, for every time period on a case by case basis. As you might imagine, the math is brutally complex. Doing this by hand for even a single stock or ETF would be nearly impossible. Doing it for the thousands of stocks and billions of possible options combinations would be insane.

But that’s what ODDS Online was built for! That’s why we spent many years and millions of dollars developing this breakthrough trading tool.

ODDS Online does all the math. And it does it all behind the scenes so all you do is push a button.

ODDS Online automatically finds situations where the one-size-fits-all odds are wrong and where the real odds give users a mathematical edge in the market.

It really is like playing Blackjack in a casino with a supercomputer counting cards for you . . . only it’s 100% legal.

With ODDS Online, you can spot trades where direction doesn’t matter. And you can do it in 3 very quick, very easy steps:

You’re done. In a matter of seconds you’ve got a trade idea ideally suited for the situation.

We removed the complexity to make your life easier. We taught the computer to do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

We made options trading easy.

It’s easily affordable, professional grade, and helps my trading & profits.

“Don and I went to junior high and high school together. And as far back as I can remember, Don was always brilliant in math. He had an understanding of math and statistics most of us don’t have.

“So when I first heard about ODDS and realized Don Fishback was behind it, I figured it would be good. So I signed up. And it was good. And with each new upgrade it has gotten even better.

“Don and his team clearly want people to succeed and go out of their way to be helpful. That's not true of every investment service.

“I think it really is amazing how much information ODDS Online provides, especially for how little Don charges.

“The bottom line is, ODDS is easily affordable, professional grade, and helps my trading and profits.”

— Bart S., Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

I think my old school buddy just summed up my mission statement!

ODDS Online Does It All

If you’re a power user and want to do it yourself, you’re going to love these next two features.

ODDS Online gives you the flexibility to perform your own scans. Just click on the “Build Your Own Scans” button, and select your criteria, and in a few seconds you’ve got the information you want.

And if you want to find the best options play on your own favorite stock, ODDS Online will guide you towards the best strategy for that stock in an instant. Or you can ask ODDS Online’s Exclusive Forecaster to help you make the decision.

And don’t worry, ODDS Online even works with ETF and Index options, too.

What Makes
ODDS Online So Different?

Because we use the latest customer built supercomputing technology . . .

Because we employ the most advanced and accurate options analysis . . .

Because we focus on making everything easy . . .

Because we provide free-of-charge support to assist those who want it . . .

And because we do all of this at an amazingly low price . . .

ODDS Online is the one options trading program that gives you everything you need. It’s so complete, you simply can’t pass it up.

Everything . . . AND MORE!

When you say YES to ODDS Online, you’re not just going to get everything . . .

You’re going to get even more.

This ODDS Online Fast Action Offer contains everything you need to succeed, plus extra goodies that make it impossible to pass up.


ODDS Online Software (REGULAR PRICE: $995)

Software you never have to install. Maintenance is never an issue.

Software that that runs on any computer and most mobile devices. So you can take ODDS Online with you wherever you go.

Software that is automatically upgraded with new features and improvements. So you always have the fastest, easiest and most advanced options software.

Plus the best analytics on the planet to give you a leg up on the competition.


Stop relying on programs that use cheap, second-class data riddled with errors.
At ODDS Online, we spend the extra money to make sure our data is identical to the data that powers the global financial system.

Private Group Coaching (VALUE: $2,000 PER YEAR)

Get your questions answered live by an options market veteran with more than two decades of real-world trading experience.
Tune in each day the market is open to get crowd-sourced trade ideas. ODDS Online users from around the world submit trade ideas for the group to discuss and then, as a group, select the best trade submitted.
There is no extra charge for this exclusive benefit! So even if you never use the program, you’re still getting new potential trade ideas every day the market is open!

ODDS Community Forum (VALUE: $1,000 PER YEAR)

In a survey of 70,000 options traders, we discovered that the loneliness of trading alone can be an impediment to success for some people. That’s why we launched the ODDS Community Forum. Share ideas. Get feedback from your peers. Imagine the wealth your future might hold when every obstacle is removed.

Bonus: What Are Options? (VALUE: $495)

This course is so comprehensive that it is a part of the continuing education program for Certified Financial Planners. (+7 hrs.) That’s not to say that it’s over the heads of individuals. On the contrary. Our course makes learning about options easy for everyone.

You'll also get my Casino Secrets to 
Profitable Options Trading course (VALUE: $129)

This course is my favorite course on probability bar none. By the time you’ve finished this course, you’ll understand how our methods give you that extra edge, just like the edge casinos have. With Casino Secrets, you’ll never be the gambler again, Instead, you’ll “Be the House”.


ODDS Online Best Practices (VALUE: $149)

Want to see first hand how I use ODDS Online every day? Then this video is for you. I show you how I use ODDS Online to:

Spot High Profit Trades that make money no matter what direction the stock takes.

Target High Probability Trades that consistently hit win rates of 90% and up.

Find the best options to buy for biggest potential gains.

Which options to avoid so you can keep more of your winnings.

Bob G., was right. This ODDS Online Fast Action Offer really is, “The Total Package”. 

But perhaps the best feature of the ODDS Online Fast Action Offer is the price. Because when you say yes, Everything . . . AND MORE . . . can be yours for a one-time-ever setup fee of only $399. That's a savings of nearly $600!

This gives you one full month of access to the complete ODDS Online Total Package.

After the first month, you will be charged just $29 per month for end of day data. That’s less than $1 per day for Everything.

I don’t see any way you can successfully trade options — or stocks either for that matter — without it.

“Social Security doesn't meet our needs. So a few months ago I subscribed to ODDS Online and that changed everything.

ODDS Online will give you a list of trades for any strategy and any level of probability you want.

“I rarely buy calls but this one time I did. I paid $2,200 for 15 Amarin Corp. calls and sold them for $9,300 four months later . . . we’re talking 4-bagger profits of 320%!

“If you want to trade options, you absolutely must have the kind of risk, reward, and probability data ODDS Online provides. I don’t see any way you can successfully trade options — or stocks either for that matter— without it.

“And the coaching along with the ODDS community is like the total package.

“I’ve got to say, I’m feeling much better about the future.”

— Bob G., IT Project Manager in Little Rock, Arkansas

It warms my heart to know the ODDS Online Total Package has empowered Bob to supplement his social security in a way that makes him feel good about his future.

The full cost of the ODDS Online Total Package is only $29 per month. That’s less than $1 per day. It includes the data, the coaching and access to the full ODDS Trading Community.

ODDS Online Will Make You
A Better Options Trader

Think about this, because it’s a fact: Every dollar someone makes trading options comes from someone who lost money. So to succeed in options, you literally need to take someone else’s money.

Now think about the pros who trade for a living . . . the same pros who collectively earn billions of dollars for themselves and their employees.

If they wouldn’t make a move without the right tools, what makes you think you can?

That’s why it’s imperative that you have the best trading tools available. And it’s essential that those tools be affordable and easy to use for anyone.

So if you want what Bart S. told you are professional grade tools that are affordable

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