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Bart S.

Attorney in St. Louis, MO

“It’s easily affordable, professional grade, and helps my trading & profits.”

My old friend Bart won't trade a credit spread without ODDS Online. This is his success story in his own words... if you would like to join Bart and many others, click here. We will pre-fill your order page with an amazing promotional code.

“Don and I went to junior high and high school together. And as far back as I can remember Don was always brilliant in math. He had an understanding of math and statistics most of us don’t have.”

“So when I first heard about ODDS and realized Don Fishback was behind it I figured it would be good. So I signed up. And it was good. And with each new upgrade it has gotten even better.”

“The coaching and users’ forum are both fairly new and very helpful. I’ve gotten some good information from both.”

“Don and his team clearly want people to succeed and go out of their way to be helpful. That's not true of every investment service.”

“I wouldn't think of trying to do a credit spread without ODDS.”

“But I don’t strictly trade options; I also have a stock portfolio. So sometimes I use ODDS for trading purposes and other times to confirm some other investment I’m considering.”

“ODDS will show you the probability of option prices moving up or down for just about any equity, and it always gives you an accurate reading of volatility. So it really is a great tool for most any stock-related analysis.”

“I think it really is amazing how much information ODDS Online provides, especially for how little Don charges.”

“The bottom line is, ODDS is easily affordable, professional grade, and helps my trading and profits.”

 I think my old school buddy just summed up my mission statement!