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Bill A.

Risk Management Consultant in Grand Prairie, TX

“Having repeated winners over and over and over is my kind of trading.”

Bill uses ODDS Online as his trading risk management consultant. This is his success story in his own words... if you would like to join Bill and many others, click here. We will pre-fill your order page with an amazing promotional code.

“As a self-employed consultant, I need to fund my own retirement. So, back in the late 1990s I got busy trying to learn about investing. That’s when I found Don and I’ve been with him ever since. He and his team are just the best.”

“My job is to help companies manage their risk on large construction projects. What Don teaches is exactly what I do on a daily basis and Don’s software does it all for you!”

ODDS Online is just an incredible, incredible software program. It’s like having an insurance actuary in a box.

“Basically you set your watch list and it’ll spit out the absolute best trades for whatever strategy you prefer.”

Having repeated winners over and over and over is my kind of trading... wash, rinse, repeat.”

“I did have one losing trade last December but that was the first loss I’ve had in a couple of years.”

“It’s just like the insurance companies... you collect over and over and over again. You’ll eventually pay a claim, but you’ve collected so much money in the meantime, who cares?”

“It sounds kind of boring, I know. But it's the compounding effect that makes it exciting.”

“Compounding my cash payouts, I’ve built up my portfolio to the point where I’ll never have to worry about having enough money when I retire.”

“I have three kids. Two are in their early 30s and one’s in his 20s. Now I’m teaching them how to do this. With ODDS online it’s certainly not hard. And if they start now, they could be set for life.”

Like Bill says, if you compound the proceeds from high-probability credit spreads you can potentially grow your nest egg in record time.

And With ODDS Online it’s super simple to do.