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Bob G.

 Retired IT Project Manager in Little Rock, AK

“I don’t see any way you can successfully trade options – or stocks either for that matter— without it.”

Bob has plenty to say about his ODDS Online experience. This is his success story in his own words... if you would like to join Bob and many others, click here. We will pre-fill your order page with an amazing promotional code.

Social Security doesn't meet our needs. So a few months ago I subscribed to ODDS Online and that changed everything.

“Being able to balance risk, reward, and probability so easily is a major advantage.”

“Probability just wasn’t in the equation for me before. Now I can assess potential option trades with a whole lot more confidence.”

ODDS Online will give you a list of trades for any strategy and any level of probability you want.”

“I make most of my money on credit spreads... or I sell naked puts on stocks I wouldn’t mind owning.”

“I rarely buy calls but this one time I did. I paid $2,200 for 15 Amarin Corp. calls and sold them for $9,300 four months later... we’re talking 4-bagger profits of 320%!

If you want to trade options, you absolutely must have the kind of risk, reward, and probability data ODDS online provides. I don’t see any way you can successfully trade options – or stocks either for that matter— without it.”

And the coaching along with the ODDS community is like the total package. With 20 years of experience, Bryan obviously has a lot of knowledge. But even more important, he's got wisdom. Logging into the ODDS community keeps me out of trouble and helps me make smarter trades.

I’ve got to say, I’m feeling much better about the future. 

It warms my heart to know the ODDS Online Total Package* has empowered Bob to supplement his social security in a way that makes him feel good about his future.

The full* cost of the ODDS Online Total Package is only $29 per month. That’s less than $1 per day. It includes the data, the coaching and access to the full ODDS Trading Community.

*The full cost Of ODDS Online is $29 per month after paying the one-time $399 setup fee.*