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Steve M.

Software Consultant, SC

“$8,000 in my first 8 weeks... I think my search for the ‘Holy Grail’ is finally over!

I got interested in Don back in ‘95 or ‘96, whenever he first started with this whole ODDS thing. I was enticed by the mathematics of it. It just made so much sense.”

“But ODDS Online didn't exist at the time. Heck, the internet barely existed. So it wasn’t fun and simple like it is today.”

“Fast forward more than 2 decades of trying a bunch of different programs and I still didn’t find the ‘Holy Grail’ I was looking for.”

“Then one day I got an email about the new-and-improved ODDS Online that automatically feeds you trades based on whatever probability you specify... even 90% or 95%. Talk about the kind of warm tummy comfort that lets you sleep better at night!

“So I signed up and watched all the training videos right off the bat so I’d know what’s what when I got to the live coaching... Bryan is really an excellent coach, by the way. He keeps you on the straight and narrow so you can get it done and be successful.”

“And then there’s the ODDS Community, which is like a forum where you can get answers to all your questions directly from Bryan or Don... which is hugely helpful and reassuring.”

“But you can also post personal trading stuff. And suddenly you’re not in a bubble anymore. You’ve got trading friends who actually care about what you’re doing, which is awesome on so many levels.

“So far I have 11 closed trades for $5,500 after commission profit in 7 weeks. I have 7 more open trades expiring Friday for another $2,600 potential. All are doing well. That’s $8000 in my first 8 weeks!

I think my search for the ‘Holy Grail’ is finally over!”

Steve’s search is over. Now it’s time to end your search!