ODDS® Online Daily

Our vision has always been to make options easy. To make a tool that lets any investor find a trade with almost no effort. But also with scientific intelligence that elevates trading to a new level of precision and accuracy. With the all-new ODDS Online Daily, our vision is now your reality.

Proven Results, Perfectly Easy

Super Fast, Super Smart Technology Makes Your Options Trading Super Easy

Strategy Wizard

Our Strategy Wizard finds the exact trades you are looking for in a matter of seconds. You don’t notice anything. Except how everything is suddenly so effortless.

ODDS Online Strategy Wizard


We took everything we’ve learned about options and the way people think, and refined the process to be more efficient and exact. Our Forecaster turns your ideas into actionable intelligence. The result is a better, smarter, more delightful experience.

Trade Builder

Get right to work. Build and Analyze any option trade you can imagine, from simple, to complex. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

ODDS Online Trade Builder


It’s all about you. This section personalizes your experience, so you can focus on the things that matter to you the most. Complexity simply disappears.

ODDS Online Watchlist


Unbelievably simple, yet extraordinarily powerful. Through a series of refinements, we were able to simplify the process of finding trades. Yet from the moment you use it, you’ll notice how powerful it is.

Proven Indicators

Results should be the focus of your experience. ODDS Online Daily gives you statistically proven option values. Because these values are found only in ODDS Online Daily, you get what some have called an unfair advantage. It’s like counting cards at the Blackjack table - only it’s 100% legal!

Unique Analysis Creates Unique Opportunities

It’s like using a supercomputer to count cards at the Blackjack table - only it’s 100% legal!

ODDS Online Historical Returns


It’s a fact. To make money trading, you must have an edge. Our edge is knowing the true, actual probabilities. No longer are you forced to rely on an outdated model that every successful pro knows is flawed. ODDS Online Daily is the world’s only source for real “odds” you need to get that edge.

ODDS Online MDM Graph


Let’s be blunt: traders make money when the “odds” are mispriced. Risk and reward are directly related to probability. So if you’re using a flawed probability model, you’re also getting flawed valuations. Research has proven that our proprietary method provides the most accurate valuation in the options universe. That means bigger profits for you.

ODDS Online Valuation


The wild card in accurate options pricing is volatility, because volatility is synonymous with probability. And you won’t find a better source for accurate volatility anywhere else. We take the world’s most advanced options database and we multiply its power to give you an unfair advantage. With over 100 billion data points and growing every day, we’ve got volatility - and you - covered.

ODDS Online Implied Volatility

Unbelievably simple, yet extraordinarily powerful

It’s everything you love about options.
Made even easier.


The design goal of ODDS Online Daily was to take something familiar -- options -- and make the experience of finding trades even simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable.

User Interface

ODDS Online Daily is the manifestation of simplicity. The interface is purposely unobtrusive. Anything that doesn’t add value has been stripped away. So the focus is on what matters most: results.


No matter what you’re doing, finding your way around is extremely intuitive. So from day one, you know how to use the most advanced ODDS Online Daily software yet.

ODDS Online Dock

What You Get

Software & Bonuses


ODDS Online Daily finds high quality trades for you in less than 20 seconds… and a whole lot more. You’ll have full access to an amazing collection of tools you’ll use every day. All at an extremely affordable price. Try it now - JUST $19.75 the first month, then $79/mo. thereafter. Cancel anytime. 

ODDS Online Daily Trade Idea

Every single day the US stock market is open, this report will give you trade ideas that will mimic and simplify gigantic block trades the largest options traders on the planet make, plus you'll get trades associated with stocks that everyone is talking about on Reddit, and you'll get high profit trades that can make money whether the stock goes up or down, and finally you'll get high probability trades on stocks that report earnings surprises. And all of it is FREE. (Valued at $249 per month.)

ODDS Online Daily Trending

Stock Report

Every business day, this report covers stocks that are in the news from an options trader's perspective, with critical information like volatility and probability analysis.  (FREE bonus valued at $49 per month.)


The most successful people in every field have had coaches or mentors who act as a springboard to greater success. And I think you deserve the same kind of support now. So I launched an all-new bi-weekly group coaching program devoted to helping ODDS Online Daily customers learn how to use this powerful software tool. (FREE bonus - valued at $199 per month.)

ODDS Community

To bolster your confidence and keep you motivated, you can also enjoy the company of fellow students any time you like in the members-only online community… where you’ll post comments, ask questions, and share light-hearted camaraderie with like-minded traders. And it’s all included... for FREE. (Valued at $79 per month.)

ODDS Community

Now ONLY $19.75 first month, then $79/mo.

Cancel Anytime.

You get:  Live coaching twice weekly, ODDS Community, DAILY analysis from an option trader's perspective of the stocks and options trades that are shaking up the markets, Free support, and so much more. 

It's the best deal an options trader can ask for! 

All Fees for ODDS Online are Non-Refundable

Monthly data subscription may be canceled and reactivated any time.