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Beautiful  -  Powerful  -  Massive

ODDS Online

User Interface

What we use to make your life faster, easier and more enjoyable.

  • Data Visualization by Highsoft
  • Data Parallelization by Fishback
  • HTML5
  • Styled using Material Design
  • PHP 7
  • Bootstrap Toolkit
  • Ajax Framework
  • jQuery Library

Intelligence Engine

The Brain that gives you the edge.

  • Custom-Built Distributed Supercomputer
  • Data Transfer Storage: EVOM2, Transfer rate 2.7 GB/s, 450,000 iOPS Write, 370,000 iOPS Read
  • Data Storage: RAID 0: 1GB per second read, 995MB per second write
  • Completely SSD Ultra-Fast Storage 98,000 iOPS read, 90,000 iOPS write
  • CUDA Optimized Calculation Engine nVidia Kepler-based GPUs (3,366 cores; 5.7 TeraFLOPs; CUDA)
  • Torque Cluster Management
  • Maui Task Scheduler
  • Spydr Event Manager
  • Full Unix Environment
  • Multi-Lingual codebase

Big Data

The world's most advanced options data that gives ODDS Online its Power.

  • Pricing data from ICE
  • Risk Analytics from Hanweck
  • Valuation and Percentile Data from Fishback
  • Over 100 Billion Data Points and Growing
  • Oracle-maintained database
  • SSD optimized for rapid response